The World's Toughest Row


Atlantic Campaigns SL would like to announce that for the 2017 race, the R20 Rannoch designed boat will no longer be accepted to race in the Solo class.

This will be extended to the Pairs and Trio class for the 2018 race.

Our decision is based on safety, fairness and with the good spirit of healthy competition and racing in mind.

The Race Details

Rowers from all over the world will meet two weeks before race start and prepare themselves for what is ahead of them – THE WORLD’S TOUGHEST ROW! Talisker Whisky is providing the official race website for the race: TALISKER Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2016 Teams will compete on equal terms in solo, pair, trio, four & five teams.

The entry fees for the TALISKER Whisky Atlantic Challenge (including the initial registration fee of 500 € per crew member)

Solo: €20,500 Pairs: €21,500 Trio’s: €22,500 Fours: €23,500 Fives: €24,500

PURE Class:

V-shaped hull, Accommodation in stern cabin, Uses hull shape and rudder for directional stability, Less windage (gets blown by the wind less), More protection for crew from following seas


Flat bottomed hull, Accommodation in bow cabin, Uses centreboard and rudder for directional stability, Greater windage (gets blown by the wind more), Less protection for crew from following seas

Your race entry fee includes, among other things:

  1. Full support for your rowing campaign including all paperwork, office support and advice throughout the build up to the race.
  2. Race insurance and individual insurance for repatriation if rescued whilst at sea due to a medical reason
  3. Atlantic Campaigns website with brokerage service, news and contact details, race rules, gallery and much more.
  4. “ROWERS AREA” on the website for signed up participants with access to needed forms, supplier & equipment list, courses info, seminars info, special deals for AC rowers and much more!
  5. Boat tracking (tracking beacons) – sending positions back to race website.
  6. 24/7 emergency race cover, liaising with rescue services if required, monitoring progress, tracking progress on race entrants.
  7. Crisis operation plan – a set process to co-ordinate all situations that result from the race taking place.
  8. Safety boat coverage – on water support with qualified trained crews. Emergency equipment, re-supply services, and other safety advantages
  9. Port clearance and liaising with maritime parties in start and finish ports to allow team to leave the ports.
  10. Boat scrutineering, safety checks and general training while in La Gomera
  11. 24/7 support in Antigua by Atlantic Campaigns Crew.
  12. Race events including start and finish parties.

Supported By

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