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After 96 days & 13 hours we are happy to announce that Team Rowers Ark, Daryl Farmer has crossed the finish line of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2016. CONGRATULATIONS! Daryl's arrival also marks the finish of The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2016 - what a race it has been! Photo credit: Ted Martin #twac2016 #talisker #3000miles #oceanrowing #madebythesea

Blog from Duty officer Ian Couch, 18 March. Daryl has less than 95nm to go! Once the line of 61 degrees west is crossed it counts as an ocean crossing but more impressive is that Daryl is looking to make a full land to land crossing and row into Antigua. At his current speed it is expected he will arrive Monday. Through Saturday he will get pushed further south west before the winds change on Sunday and then they change to head north west into Antigua which should help his approach. After speaking with him yesterday, discussing the conditions and the peace of mind of trying for that final push Daryl is going to do all he can to cross the race finish line too. For 100s of miles he has been making great progress without a rudder and now these final days will see him complete an incredibly challenging row. The Support Yacht is ready to go and shadow his approach should he need assistance and will be there to add to his safety. Meanwhile Atlantic Campaigns is in Antigua preparing the reception and coordinating with the National Parks, the authorities and ABSAR. Daryl will get a much deserved warm welcome. Apart from the effort and adversity of the row it is worth noting that Daryl was concerned that by being last in he was in some way being a problem and he was worried about being an inconvenience! I do not think he realises just how pleased everyone is for him and how great his achievement is. Dot Watchers, followers and rowers please keep your eyes on the dot and your messages of support coming in! #twac2016 #talisker #3000miles #oceanrowing #madebythesea

100 nautical miles left for Rowers Ark and Daryl Farmer!! ETA: Monday afternoon/evening local Antigua time (UTC -4). #twac2016 #talisker #3000miles #oceanrowing #madebythesea

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