The World's Toughest Row

Atlantic Campaigns

Atlantic Campaigns SL is a Spanish company situated in San Sebastian de La Gomera. After taking over the organising of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge in 2012, we have led the race forward to become the safest and most successful ocean rowing race on the planet! Of the last 38 boats to start the race 37 have finished!

The PR, on the water coverage and media visibility has never been better and along with our sponsor, Talisker Whisky, we aim to make sure the race continues to expand world wide.

The team behind the race brings an unparallel level of support and knowledge with 7 ocean rows, 7 Guinness World Records and a combined total of over 50 years ocean rowing experience which is seen in the unrivalled success of the race.

CEO AND RACE DIRECTOR – CARSTEN HERON OLSEN has been involved in ocean rowing since 2008 and since taking ownership of the race has driven it forward making it more accessible, professional and has created the most successful, premier ocean rowing event in the world.

EVENT COORDINATOR – NIKKI HOLTER is based in the UK and has been involved in ocean rowing for over 10 years. Nikki is massively experienced in assisting rowers and their families throughout the journey of planning and completion of the ocean row. A constant source of advice and guidance from sign up to the race finish and beyond.

CONTENT MANAGER – LAUREN BETH MORTON is UK based and is responsible for spreading the word about the race on social media platforms. Lauren has completed a world record row and has crewed the Support Yacht.

HEAD SAFETY AND DUTY OFFICER – IAN COUCH has been involved in ocean rowing for 11 years and has completed two rows across the Atlantic and one across the Indian Ocean gaining 5 Guinness World Records in the process. He has developed the Ocean Rowing Training Course recognized by the Spanish Authorities and is responsible for the continued development of the safety of the crews in the race. He will check the crews in Gomera and be in communications with them throughout the race.

SAFETY AND DUTY OFFICER – LEE FUDGE is an experienced trainer and ocean rower and has co-authored the Ocean Rowing Training Course. Lee has been involved in the sport for nearly 10 years and has been responsible for the delivery of training and the development of safety procedures in the race. He will be talking with the crews throughout their race.

VIRTUAL ASSISTANT – METTE FAGERLIND makes sure all the details are in place with a strong eye for detail she coordinates much of the activity in Gomera.

MEDICAL TEAM LEADER – THOR MUNCH-ANDERSON is experienced in a range of expeditions and has crewed one of the support yachts. He is a highly experienced orthopedic surgeon who will conducted detailed briefs for all the crews and be on call 24/7 for their time at sea.


Staff & Consultants

We work alongside the best worldwide advisors in the ocean rowing industry and strive to constantly provide excellent service and an unforgettable experience that will ultimately make your dreams become a reality.
Our goal and main focus is to keep the TALISKER Whisky Atlantic Challenge as the best organised ocean rowing event in the world.

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